Class Descriptions

This is an open level class that gives the seasoned yogi a chance to deepen their current practice and for those newer to their mats a chance to explore a broader spectrum of yoga poses and breath practices. Some yoga experience is recommended for this class.

This class is designed for the person new to yoga. If offers an introduction to various poses and breath, with a strong emphasis on alignment. This class is also great for more advanced yogi’s, providing an opportunity, with a slower paced class to tune into their bodies, further refining and defining their current practice.

This is an open level class that links breath and movement at a slower pace, while still working on flexibility and strength. Students newer to the mat will find plenty of modifications offered, while seasoned yogi’s will have a chance to deepen their practice and move mindfully. Suitable for most levels.

This class is for students who are comfortable with basic yoga postures and are ready to explore their boundaries. Flow through sequences of poses while you energize, strengthen, lengthen and stabilize – all while linking breath and movement. Options to spice things up will be offered.

Yin yoga is a slow, deep, quiet practices that works to release locks in your muscles by holding basic poses for an extended period of time. This practice promotes increased circulation, flexibility, strength and helps you sleep along the way.